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Tire Disposal
EnTire properly disposes of your tires by recycling them at a cost competitive with a landfill rate.  EnTire accepts tires from private individuals, tire dealers, and licensed tire haulers for a fee. Tires may be delivered to our plant, or pickup can be arranged. EnTire can also provide 48' and 53' van trailers to tire dealers for scrap tire storage.
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About Crumb Rubber
Our crumb rubber is created using the cryogenic method. There is a huge difference between the cryogenic process (freezing) and the ambient process (a process using normal temperatures).  The first step in either process is similar. A tire passes through a low speed shear-type shredder, and the shreds pass over a classifier until they are properly sized―about 2". The chips are composed of rubber, steel and fiber. From this point the two processes are very different.

The Ambient Process
In the ambient process the 2" tire chip goes in through a series of cracker mills. The chips are torn apart, reaching high temperatures. These rubber particles have a lot of tears and grooves on them, making them great for some projects but inappropriate for others.  Ambient crumb rubber gives a softer, spongier surface because the rubber particles don't compact as tightly.

The Cryogenic Process
In the cryogenic process, the 2" tire chip enters a freezing tunnel where it comes in contact with liquid nitrogen. This quick freeze process reaches temperatures as low as -196 degrees centigrade. Because the three components―rubber, steel and fiber―freeze at different speeds they naturally try to separate. The next step thrusts the frozen chips under a spinning hammer mill where they are shattered into many different sizes. Because of the subzero temperatures, these rubber particles have smooth sides―breaking like sheets of glass. Cryogenic crumb rubber is great for turf infill because it integrates into synthetic grass more readily, and lays in place tighter because of its particle shape and smooth sides. It gives the turf a firm feel when walking or running.  We believe fields built with cryogenic crumb rubber also have better water drainage.

How much does Crumb Rubber cost?
Cost delivered to you for your specific project will vary, depending on the mesh size, quantity and shipping cost.   EnTire Crumb Rubber ships in new "super sacks," which contain approximately 2200 pounds of cryogenic crumb rubber each.  Playground products can ship in bulk.

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