Environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions for your surfacing problems using cryogenics to recycle scrap tires. Simply a clean, smart, safe strategy.

Crumb Rubber as Artificial Turf Infill

Our premium product is used in football, soccer, baseball and softball fields all across America. EnTire is known industry wide for its high quality, clean rubber. EnTire was a pioneer in promoting the use of artificial turf which utilizes infill to reduce injuries and promote field drainage. If you are designing a new project or renovation, ask your architect to specify the use of cryogenic crumb rubber from EnTire. Call us!

Cushion Field Rubber
Cushion Field Rubber applied to natural grass athletic fields enhances playability and reduces impact on athletes. Crumb rubber stops the compaction of sand and dirt or soil.  It helps enhance the health of grass, acting as mulch as it works into the soil, shielding the plant base and roots from damage. Cushion Field Rubber requires no change in maintenance procedures.  Grass is more durable, fields can be used sooner after rain, pesky mud spots are diminished, and fields can simply be utilized more fully. Athletes benefit from the more uniform playing surface, decreased joint impact, and cushioned falls. We can help you with your athletic field, recommending custom installers who know how to work with this product. Call us!

Pour-in-Place Crumb Rubber Playground Surface
Pour-in-Place coverings are ideal for surfaces that must be handicapped accessible. Crumb rubber is combined with a urethane binder in a mixer, poured onto the area to be surfaced and then smoothed with a trowel―a process similar to the pouring of cement. Pour-in-Place recycled rubber playground surfaces save money by reducing maintenance costs. Pour-in-Place coverings are fall-rated (according to the Americans with Disabilities Act) and primarily used to provide safe and smooth surfaces. They may be self-installed or custom installed. We can help you with your playground problems, recommending custom installers who know how to work with this product. Call us!

Crumb Rubber for Loose Fill Playground or Mulch
Crumb rubber is used as a substitute for sand, pea gravel, wood chips, etc.  Loose fill rubber reduces wear on adjacent interior floors caused by sand or gravel stuck in shoes from playground areas. This product also cushions falls. Clean, steel-free, crumb rubber placed in high traffic areas such as trails protects grass and reduces maintenance costs. EnTire's Loose Fill product also works great in vegetable and flower gardens!  It is insect, animal, moisture and decay resistant. It is non-toxic, soft, doesn't compact and is easy to maintain.  Call us to learn how to apply this in your landscape!

Crumb Rubber in Asphalt
When crumb rubber is blended into highway asphalt, surface cracking is reduced thus increasing the longevity of the road. Contractors are learning the advantages of adding rubber to the mix for paving projects, and neighbors enjoy the noise reduction achieved with quieter roads. By mixing Vestenamer® and fine crumb rubber in liquid asphalt, the quality and performance grade of the asphalt cement is increased. Recycled Rubber Asphalt Products (RRAP), a related company to Entire, leases blending equipment to asphalt contractors. Call us to learn more!

Floor Mats for Agricultural or Home Use
Entire also manufactures compression molded rubber mats. EnTire makes several mats used in the hog industry. These mats are marketed by QC Supply.
Our made in the U.S.A. 17" x 28" Welcome Mat is durable, used inside or outside, easily cleaned and great for "parking" shoes & boots. Order for home use or retail by sending us an e-mail or giving us a call!
Septic System Drain Fields
Rubber chips can be used in many types drainage systems, including septic systems. Most States have approved tire chips for septic system drain fields. Very simply: they are easy to install and they work! Call us for details!
Equestrian Arenas
When crumb rubber is used in horse arenas and on riding surfaces, the jolts taken by both horse and rider are cushioned. It is easy to mix work in with a harrow or through natural use. Call us to learn how to upgrade your surface!
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